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No one realizes how beautiful it is to dive with this Giant Manta Rays until you stay with them so close eye to eye like i did here in this picture. I guarantee, you will never forget this experience in your whole life. The Team from Lanta Diving Safaris will make it possible for you !

I do love my Manta Rays 🙂

– Peter Gatterbauer, Founder & CEO Lanta Diving Safaris –

A dream come true!

In the beginning of the year 2003, I fall in love with scuba diving and the UNDERWATER WORLD of the Andaman Sea. Two and half years later in the middle of 2005 – we were a group of divers & friends, and together we realized our dream and the beautiful MV Flying Seahorse becomes reality. The one and only Liveaboard starts from Ko Lanta. Today after many years of hard working, Lanta Diving Safaris is one of the leading scuba diving liveaboard and adventure cruise operators in Thailand. Thank you to all our friends, scuba divers and nature lovers from all over the world.

“You arrive as a guest and leave as a friend.”

True to this slogan, we are dedicated to respond to your requests. Just tell us what you want. Our team is professional, friendly and cooperative – and has the only desire to make your well deserved vacation as comfortable as possible. Together we will go to discover the beautiful underwater world, have lots of fun, take fantastic underwater pictures – but there is one more point, which is the MOST IMPORTANT for us: IT IS YOUR HEALTH !! That is why we ask you in advance to observe the rules of diving security. So that your diving adventure with Lanta Diving Safaris will turn out as a great and unforgettable holiday trip. Referring to us, we will do everything to fulfill that & promise in advance.

Why choose Lanta Diving Safaris

  1. Our operation and reservation staff is the most professional and friendliest around Thailand.
  2. Our experienced scuba diving instructors will give detailed dive briefings, check currents and be in the water with our divers on every dive. They are keen to lead you to the most fascinating scuba dive sites, fantastic deserted white sandy beaches, tastiest food and all around best times you ever had.
  3. We guarantee you a safe and treasured scuba diving and adventure experience in Thailand. Whatever your special requests are or needs, we are here for you. We welcome you in our circle of friends, divers and guests and are looking forward to see you on board Flying Seahorse!

Management Lanta Diving Safaris

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Peter Gatterbauer
Founder & CEO / Austria
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Jovelyn Pegarido Gatterbauer
General Manager / Filipina
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Samantha Gatterbauer
Future VIP Dive Guide / Austria
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VIP Dive Guide / Germany

Crew Flying Seahorse

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Captain Suk
Flying Seahorse / Thailand
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Engeneer Leeb
Flying Seahorse / Thailand
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Deck Hand Reen
Flying Seahorse / Thailand
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Cookers Nan & Taow
Flying Seahorse / Thailand

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